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Song For Marc


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Dear friends,

Since 2009 I have had the joy of making music under the name Dead Gaze. From the very first note to the last, my goal was to create pop music with purpose and beauty. The happiness I felt from showing y'all what's inside my head has been nothing short of gigantic. Not a day passes that my heart ignores these feelings of happiness and gratitude. The past 2 years of my life have been marked in dishonesty, isolation, addiction, and pain. I've pushed love away, lost focus on what is real, and damaged my soul in the process. The music was a tangible representation of my mirrored universe. With that being said, I'm letting go of Dead Gaze. The time is now for me to move forward and look back on the project with love. I personally want to thank the following people for their help in walking with me through the art. Without these people the music would've never happened.

Jim Henegan
Kaleigh McAllister
Jimmy Cajoleas
Alex Warren
Sam Lane
Robert Chisolm
Ian Kirkpatrick
Peyton Houchins
Steven Bevilaqua
Will Cole
Len Clark
Misha Hercules
Chantal Masson
Print Choteau
Shane Prewitt
Dennis Herring
Carson Culver
Dent May
Clay Jones
Ben Yarbrough
Jamie Granato
Trevor Peterson
John Barrett
Brooke Krizbai
Dan Svizeny
Jack Williams
Doug Hollis
Jimmy Whispers
Adam Ruhl
JJ Golden
Julien Ehrlich
Michael Bible
Joey O'Brien
Mac Demarco
La Station Radar
Thomas Cooper
Scott Rorie
David Swider
Mark Snyder
Ruby Carol Rogers
Daniel Gill
Rebekah Mills
Martin Powell
Douglas Ray
Wojtek Malko
Molly Cox
Andy Boder
Beth Ann Fennelly
Ryan Piechutta
Sam Hockley-Smith
Patrick Addison
Jane Rule Burdine
Natalie Johns
Scott Caradine
Lexie Portrait
Aurora Ferrara
Ben Jones
Josh Hunter
Anna Bennefield
Ari Stern
Jesse Coppenbarger
Carly James
Sam Nabors
Justin Schultz
Deg Ronilo
Caleb Moore
George Edward Phillips
Phil McCauslin
Justin Gage
Palmer Houchins
Sam Harris
Leigh Taylor
Matt Mondanile
William Boyle
Ryan Moran
Thomas Sweat
Chip Moore
Winston Bell
Tim Burkhead
Valentina Raditore
Nate Luce
Quintron and Ms. P
Ruban Nielson
Kilian Mutter
Marissa Ross
Dayna Evans
Dylan Shumaker
Alex Zhang Hungtai
Brad Hayden
Alva Leigh
Tyler Tadlock
Justin Frye
Brandy White
James Marshall
Chris Rybolt
Byron Knight
Bruce Watson
Evan Brody
Steven Ross
Julian Lynch
Johnny valiant
Colin Sneed
Peter Sagar
Talbot Adams
Laurie Stiratt
Jacob Threadgill
Mitchell Robinson
Drew Mckercher
Tyler Keith
Eric Carlton
Alex Bleeker
Kathryn McGaw
Dale steel
Adam Clark
Lee Mcalily
Tricia Walker
Pat Cochran
Travis Metcalf
Dan Falvey
Alex Knight
Pete D'Angelo
Martin Courtney
Taylor Hildebrand
Joshua Clark
Ghandur Savur
Josh Burwell
Joseph Katool
Mike Morrison
Kate Cleveland
Cody Cox
Sawyer Carter Jacobs
Jeremy Gordon
Will Eubanks
Josh Hailey
Jim Barrett
Charles Poekel
Clint Dear
Callie Nutt
Jen Newcomer
John Newcomer
Kala Fontaine
Ric Leichtung
Sarah Hogan
Ed Stringfellow
Mahmood Shaikh
Winston Bell.

For all the people who came to our shows, bought our records, booked our shows, wore DG t-shirts, gave us comfort, food, a floor to sleep on, hospitality and love, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The music was made for you. For these blessings and more my heart is full. Thank you.

With Clarity and Love,


released March 7, 2017


all rights reserved




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